That time I


had Yellow Jackets in my house!


Last week after getting back from the store I unloaded the groceries and was putting them away in the kitchen.  All the sudden the kids come running in and state there’s a bee in the house.  I assumed it was a, as in 1, and that it flew in while I was carrying things in.  Well buzzing by the den window I see 3!  I am a little freaked out but hey I can handle this.  There is no way I can hit 3 of them with a newspaper and not piss them off so I head to the garage looking for bug spray.  On my way what do my little ears here, but more buzzing, there were 2 in the downstairs bathroom!  WTF was going on?  I shut that door to keep them contained and after grabbing bug spray, I went back to the den.  The kids were at the top of the stairs watching and I sprayed those 3 suckers at the window.  I went to the bathroom to get the other 2 and by the time I came back to the den (less than 6ft away) more had arrived!  They were also swarming around the sliding door outside by the window and now were inside too.  I sent the kids upstairs, so I could put the dogs away and kill the new ones.  I also wanted to try to figure out where they were coming from.

Fast forward, dogs put away/kids upstairs and me spraying the crap out of the new 4 that are in here (killing total to 9 now) and the kids come running down the stairs that one is in Big Boys room!  Now I’m  a little more than freaked out.  I told them to go into her room, barricade the door and don’t come out!  I have now put in a frantic call to hubby, who was leaving shortly anyway.  I needed to talk to someone who understand how randomly weird and horrifying this was, so I call my BFF Amber.  Of course she is working, so what do I do, leave her a great message that I find out her and her fiancé listened to multiple times,  Your Welcome.

I am now running back and forth from upstairs and downstairs killing multiple bees in both rooms.  I circled the house and narrowed it down to an area outside that they must be originating from.  I don’t see anymore downstairs but more are coming in the bedroom.  So I concentrate my efforts there.  It didn’t take long and I notice them coming through the vent.  Hubby suggested I close the vents.  I take them all out and now that I know where they are coming in I go outside his window and watch more.  (at this point I had googled what to do in this situation and most said to grab a lawn chair, six pack and wait)  I don’t like beer, so that was out but I did grab a lawn chair and my handy dandy bug spray.  I found out they obviously had a nest where our siding meets the brick.  I waited for hubby to get home, it felt like forever but was actually only an hour or so.

He sprayed some fancy wasp/hornet spray in the hole and they were finally gone.  After 24 hours they were all gone.  We plan to patch in the hole and I am happy to say it now only a funny story.

So there it is.  What happened to me last week, I lived through and conquered the yellow jacket apocalypse and no one even knew…..


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