Snow Day 2014

We hardly ever get snow in GA, but yesterday it somewhat surprised us!  We knew there was a chance, but hey schools were still in and people still had to work.  I am so thankful my husband decided to work from home yesterday.  We were able to enjoy the beautiful snowfall from the comfort of our home, but for many it was hours, literally hours in their car trying to get home and they never made it.  My best friend spent 7 hours in her car and only went 5 miles from work to a friends home. The kids loved the snow and so did the collies! I made them wait until there was at least an inch on the ground before we went out. A few snowballs were thrown, 2 snow angels and lots of giggling. We made “Snow Cream” last night and even though I am staying away from sugar I had to taste it to make sure the recipe was spot on :p.  It was and brought me right back to when my neighbor made it for us the 3 times it snowed growing up!

photo photob photoc I had to sneak a cute picture of my oldest girl Tease, all she did was eat the snow!  She is 13 and has had a rough couple weeks, but is adjusting to her new normal.  She has Vestibular Syndrome but doesn’t let it stop her at all.

It was so bright and beautiful last night.  We can’t wait to get out and play in it again.  I think sledding is in our near future!



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