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We have been busy, busy, busy!  Not the kind of busy that you can show so much, as the busy we have felt.  You know when you feel exhausted and are not quite sure what you’ve done?  But really taking a break from the blog wasn’t planned or needed it just happened.  Getting back into it has been an even harder task.  I feel like I have so many ideas built up that I don’t even know where to begin.  So here is me starting.  I want to share our new lifestyle, happenings and continue to show you my love of all things beauty and fashion inspired.

The wedding ended up being an even more important date for us than we originally intended.  It was our new beginning, our fresh start.  We felt as though we were given a reset button and as amazing as the first 10 years were we wanted more.  We have both always been interested in weightlifting/getting fit/being healthier and we finally decided to give it a try.  We started P90x3 in Dec and have since moved on to primarily weightlifting.   We are loving it!  My body is changing and even though its a very slow process, I like where its going. :)

We took a break from school during all the wedding hoopla and have been getting back in the swing of things.  (Thank goodness for homeschooling!)  This is our 2nd year and I can’t believe I ever didn’t want to do this.  Little lady is in K/1st and we will be officially starting pre-school with Big Boy next year.  Right now he is doing Tot school fun stuff. I have another post coming soon with more, but this is our new life.  Homeschool, working out in our home and me still buying way too many hair and makeup products.  And because what post is worth publishing without photos?  Here are a few of what we have been up to.

photo 25 photo 35 Botanical Gardens-we are members this year

photo 3 Trips to whole foods-who doesn’t love that place??  The atmosphere, the tiny carts, the good beer, and the fresh cheese pizza! YUM

photo 4 Putting the huge blocks we got for Christmas to the test.  They made a TV so they could watch the iPad that way!

photo 1 Some of Little Lady’s fun phonics games we have been playing.  She is making leaps and bounds in reading which is huge right now in our house!!


Here is a quick peak at our closet make over.  We seriously have one of the smallest master closets ever and only half the wall space was being utilized. So thanks to Home Depot we are using all our closet space (almost double the hanging space) and don’t have all my shoes, bags and odds and ends all over the floor!  Win, Win

So stay tuned for all my great ideas because I plan on sharing them soon!


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    Those pictures of them walking is adorable! I know what you mean by the being exhausted…but for some reason a busy exhausted is sometimes a good feeling! I lie down at night a breathe a sigh of relief because I feel we’ve done something…we’ve made a memory! Don’t worry about the closet….mine are 100 times worse! hehe time to get rid of things! Enjoy your week!
    Shana recently posted…Wordless Wednesday: Cold MorningsMy Profile

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      I do enjoy getting in bed and knowing we have memories, and I love it even more when I remembered to take a couple photos so I can show them later! I have tried thinning out my closet lately, at least clear out the winter items but it keeps getting cold for 2-3 days! I am so over the weather bouncing back and forth. I just want it to stay warmer now.
      hailey recently posted…Spring InspirationMy Profile

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