Apothecary Snow Globes

So before we get to the tutorial, I went Christmas shopping today.  It was an adventure to say the least.  I was planning on going a couple weeks ago but life got busy and we were visiting in-laws last weekend, so that left today.  It took hours to walk/shove/meander my way through the isles of target and toys […]


The Nutcracker

We have been very busy lately.  Luckily after a month of one vehicle, my van is back.  The motor went out in Oct and my dad came to the rescue.  We had the van towed to his shop and now it’s great to have it back. Little Lady is taking her 5th year of Ballet […]


5 Fall/Winter Trends and How to Wear them

5 Fall/Winter Trends by hailey-lovelaughlips featuring a trench coat One of the many reasons I love Pinterest is the ability to see how to wear trends I would have never tried before. I enjoy stepping out of my comfort zone and love challenging myself to wear an item I would have passed by before. The […]